Heat of the soul (psp)

Heat of the soul is based mostly on Kurosaki Ichigo, there are other characters such as Orihme Inoue, Uryu Ishida, Yasutora Sado, and Kuchiki Rukia. From what I've heard about this game its great when you first get it, but can get pretty boring after awhile... I would never get bored, hell its bleach I'd play it all day just because of that. Okay back on topic so the main objective in the game is to defeat your enemy's... DUH! What I mean is it's like Tekken going through each person trying to get to the top and kill the boss. The game is pretty short but well worth $60. Heat the Soul has extrordinary graphics all the characters look awesome, It was well made. In most games you noticed that the backrounds suck or are really badly done this is not the case with 'Heat the Soul' its all done perfectly...yes there are a few minor defects..but what game doesn't have some kind of glitch here or there. On the last note the cut scenes (movie clips) that were included very cool (or so I've heard, I wish I could see 'em so excited about watching them.I want a psp! Now!)

Heat Of The Souls 2 (psp)

Okay this game does have a story mode and even though you get a total of 6 people to play though you get a fairly good varity. Ichigo's story revolves around rescuing Rukia from the Soul Society before her execution and settling a score from his previous fight with both Renji and Byakua. Renji's story is also about rescuing Rukia for his own reasons while trying to get Byakuya to prove that he can be stronger than him. Byakuya's story why he is one of the strongest there is of the Gotei 13 and stopping Ichigo and his friends from his own sisters execution. Kisuke Uhurara is helping Ichigo and crew by training Ichigo to achieve his sword's second form and how to handle both himself and the others while they are in the Soul Society. Gin Ichimaru which kinda has the face of a snake in my opinion is out for his own agenda which of course only Gin himself knows. Toushiro Hitsugaya story has him out to stop Gin since he suspects him to be behind the assasination of the 5th divison Captian Sosuke Aizen.

PS2 Bleach Game

The interesting part is the partner system. Before starting a mission, you must choose your main character and a partner between Ichigo, Ishida, Rukia, Inoue and Sado. While playing, you can tag with your partner to control him and beat hollow with him. There is also the combo system which you started a combo by doing a combination of button and during the combo you switch for the partner which is great. The missions are just normal and have no link at all with the story. You start somewhere and must beat all the hollow. By the way, the only enemies in this game are hollows and nothing else, a little repetitive. Sometimes, missions are boss battle and you must fight a captain or a known character from the bleach series. There is no challenge at all and every boss battle are almost the same. In the game, there is no Shikai or even Bankai so every shinigami have the same little katana.

Unlockable Characters
Gin → Beat Mission 11 and have more than 1,600,000 points
Izuru → Beat Mission 11 and have more than 700,000 points
Rangiku → Beat Mission 11 and have more than 400,000 points
Toushiro → Beat Mission 11 and have more than 1,300,000 points
Renji → Beat Mission 29 and have more than 1,000,000 points
Byakuya → Beat Mission 29 and have more than 1,900,000 points
Urahara → Beat the game twice and have more than 2,200,000 points
Yoruichi → Beat the game twice and have more than 2,500,000 points