Ghost Types: Do you Know it all ?

This is an earthbound spirit that is decending into being a Hollow, but has not yet turned into a Hollow. Demi-Hollows still scream horrible cries, but well-seasoned Shinigami can tell the difference. The process of becoming a Hollow usually takes more than a month to complete, unless it is forced by irritating and opening the hole located in the spirits chest. The Demi-Hollow will vaporize once it becomes a Hollow and then show up in a new location. The spirit might reappear anywhere, but it will usually appear near its source of regret.

Earthbound Spirits

Also called "Jibaku", these are ghosts that wander a specific territory of land that had some importance to them in their life. Since they are assimilated with the ground they haunt, Soul Society devices rarely pick up on them. They tend to blend into their environment, and usually only show themsleves if someone invades their territory.


Hollows are spirits that are evil. There are several ways one can become a hollow. If you die and are damned to walk the ground that you died or somewhere that is important to you, over time the hole where your heart was will grow and you will eventually be turned into a hollow (the hole can be forcefully opened and turn you into a hollow instantly as well). You can also become a hollow by being eaten by a hollow. Once you are a hollow - you first seek out the souls of loved ones in your human life. This is to help ease the pain and suffering. After that, you begin toseek out to eat souls of high spiritual concentration. The main way to defeat a hollow is by cutting off it's head.

Menos Grande

This is a Gigantic Hollow formed by many small hollows combining. Most Shinigami have only ever seen them in textbooks. When one appears, the Royal Special Task Froce is usually sent to deal with them. Ichigo was able to wound one, causing it to retreat.

Modified Souls

These are artificial spirits that were created to be inserted into dead humans, thus giving them a body and use it to fight off hollows. These mod-souls are gifted with strength that no normal human would be able to have. They were created by Operation Spearhead which intended to inject modified souls into dead bodies to fight Hollows. The modified souls would supercharge some part of the dead body (giving them super strength, like super-hearing). But Operation Spearhead was never put into effect, and all of the modified souls were supposed to be destroyed. Kon managed to escape because of his leg strength.


Pluses are the good spirits! These spirits are ghosts that die but do not become hollows, and are not very harmful to anyone. They are souls of those who have died but have not yet become a Hollow or been sent to Soul Society. They are usually targeted by Hollows who are trying to feed their hunger for the souls that they lack. Shinigamis are to use soul burial to send the pluses to Soul Society. They are also supposed to kill or purifyl Hollows that intend to hury any pluses. Pluses have a chain on their chest. If this chain corrodes before the soul burial is performed, a hole will form in the chest and they pluses can become hollows or spiritually degraded.

Target Leeches

Target Leeches are leeches spit out by ghosts. They are able to explode with a mere thought of the ghost.