The Rules are simple and must be followed at all time !

The rules are simple and must be followed at all time. There will be no exceptions. You don't like it then don't join.

1. Don't over do swearing. Swearing is allowed but is not to be excesseively used in every word you speak.

2. Respect other's opinions. If you don't agree on what that person is saying don't go picking a fight with them.

3.No porn or hentai allowed. This crap will not be tolerated and you will be banned if it's found in photos, messages, or rp's.

4. No advertising your site or any site allowed in this group. If you want to be an affy apply in the apply board. Don't post a message advertising your group in the general board.

5. If you join be active. Make a character, Talk with people, or roleplay. Don't just join and not do nothing it a waste of space to me if you're not active.

6. Don't ask to be manager or assistant manager. I only make people I really trust and know assistants or manager. If you ask all you'll get is a big fat no.

7. No yaoi or yuri allowed. This group isn't ment for that and I don't want to see it. If I catch anyone doing a yaoi rp or posting yaoi pictures they will be warned once and banned on the second offence.

The boards are there for their reasons - use them for those reasons only! Don't be stupid and post a link to geocities on the middle of the Small Villages board. Yeah don't be stupid.

This is NOT a dating site! Don't post you're dating (like Catholic Singles, or Christian Babes or whatever) crap on our general boards(or any board for that matter, I will find out) because if you do, you WILL be banned. I will see personally to that, unless someone else does before me. I usually give one warning through email(because I like to give people chances) but if you still proceed to post them, I will not hesitate to ban you. Others may ban you because this rule should be enough, and because they aren't so nice as tell you politely because you're being stupid. ALSO the posts with freaking pictures! Disgusting! Those are unforgivable.

10. No god modling allowed. Your character can't be invincible and must have some weaknesses.

11. No killing another player's character without their premisson.

12. No one liners allowed. If a person posts a nice opening and you just do one little line to that large paragraph it'd be a waste. People need something to work off of.

13. Give you partner a chance to respond. You can't just strike their character down in one post and say the battle is over. Give them time to have their character fight back.