The Story


Directed by
: Noriyuki Abe

Original Work: Kubotite

StudioStudio Pierrot

Genre:  Action, Martial Arts, Adventure


Kurosaki Ichigo, a fifteen year old human gifted with the ability to see/hear ghosts and a strong spiritual force, comes into contact with a Shinigami (Death God) who is after a Hollow (evil spirit) which seeks the soul of Ichigo. When the Hollow finally appears in Ichigo's house it endangers his family. In order to save Ichigo's life because he was foolishly trying to face the Hollow, Rukia Kuchiki (Shinigami) is severely injured. In order to vanquish the Hollow, saving all of their lives, she decides to transfer her Shinigami powers to Ichigo. Because of Ichigo's exceptional spiritual force, he ends up draining all of Rukia Kuchiki's Shinigami powers. As a result, Ichigo is thrust into the world of a Shinigami, as he and Rukia fight off Hollows and keep the town safe. The story continues with many twists and turns with action, adventure and comedy.

Main Character

Kurosaki Ichigo

The main character of the manga. He goes one day from being a normal every day kid who can see ghosts, to attacked by a hollow. During this battle, when he is about to parish, a new shinsingami he has just recently met descideds to transfer half of her energy into him. Unfortunately, due to his spiritual awareness already, the moment her sword touches his soul, he takes virtually all of her power, transforming him into a shinigami. After this, he is given the role of a shinigami to protect those who are being attacked by hollows, which usually means protecting/fighting against people he already knows. Over a short period of time, Ichigo has shown that he has been able to do many things that no human should be able to do, such as fight at the level he does, as well as be able to see spiritual aura in a physical form (which allows him to locate people by sensing there aura, even if it is very weak). He is slowly begining to learn how to use and regulate his spiritual power.