Welcome To Soul-Society a Bleach RP !!!

Start Adobe Photoshop and click File->New And put these settings into the window provided.

1.The next step is to make a new layer.

3.Drag the image on to your banner1 document by using the arrow tool. Illusrated here. It should look like this.

5. Click on the brush tool in the tool palette. Click here to see where exactly. Up at the top of the screen you'll see the brush tool, click on the arrow next to it. You'll get a screen like this one. (click one). The brush we'll be using is the picture on the side.

5. Make a new layer. Now your layer palette should look like this.

8. Then go Edit-->Transform-->Flip Horizontal.Click here for illustrated action. Move Layer 3'scopy to the bottom right corner.

10. Next click the text tool on the tool bar. Click here for illustrated action. Type Welcome in the text shown here.

12. Click on the brush tool and select the brush previewed to the side. Use it on the right side of the banner.

14. Click the F at the bottom of the panel once you have that selected. To see the illustrated action click here.

This not supposed to be here

2. Click HERE for size! After that you'll want to open up the image you'd want to use, or the one I provided.

4. Pick a color used in the picture. I used this.

6. Make another layer. Your layers palette should look like this.
Click on the brush tool and then the arrow at the top again and select the brush previewed to the side.

7.  Use the brush on the bottom left side of the banner. Go down to your layers panel and right click. Look up and you'll see duplicated layer click on it.

9. Phew! That was a bit hard but the rest is smooth sailing. Alright now you're banner should look like this. Also can be viewed at the side.

11. Make a new layer.

13. Your banner should look something like this--> Go down to your layers panel again. Click on you text layer (it should have a 'T' unlike the rest). to know you have it selected it should highlight to a blueish/grayish color.

16. Click on stroke it'll automatically bring up a window. See the red box? Click on it and change it to dark color, I chose black but a deep orange or a dark peach would look good too. The Next Step is that You're DONE! Look on the side to see the finished product --------->