Bleach Karakurachou Town Map

First off Karakurachou is the town where Ichigo and his friends live, go school and where everything takes place in Bleach when its not in the Soul Society or Hueco Mundo.

The map is a simple system it has numbers or letters and each letter or number has a defination below (a legend). Each number or letter represents something that happened in the manga or anime, mainly the manga for its what this map is primarly based on. For those of you who are strictly anime fans and you do not read the manga then there are a few spoilers here.

Unfortunatly at this time we do not have a map of the Soul Society; we hope in the near future we will but at this moment in time it's not available.


1 - KoJima Family (3rd District 1-11)               • 8 - (New) Orihime's House (3rd District 12-3-403)
2 - Asano Family (4th District 3-9-707)           • 9 - Tsubakidai Park
3 - Karakura Shopping Center                        • 10 - Uryuu's House (7th District 16-1-103)
4 - Old Town Karakura Station                       • 11 - karakura Community Park
5 - Karasu River                                             • 12 - Mashibachuu
6 - Chad's House (4th District 11-8-201)       • 13 - Yumisawa Children's Park
7 - Hirohyaku Supermarket                            • 14 - The Remains of the Scurry Building

Karakura Town Centre Karakura lies near the heart of Tokyo, In a suburb isolated somewhat from the hustle and bustle of the city. It's an average, ordinary city, and its inhabitants live tranquil, ordinary lives. To the west, where the Onose River joins the Karasu River, lies the district that is the heart of the town. Karakura Honchou Station is situated in the centre of the district.

A - The Family thats always cheerful and fun! The Kurosaki family The four Kurosaki family members: Ichigo, Isshin the father, who is a medical doctor and the twin sisters Yuzu and Karin. The admission of emergency patients always causes huge uproar not only in the clinic itself but also in the Kurosaki home. When it comes down to it, Though, THe Kurosakis are good friends with one another as well as family (Masaki, the children's mother died when Ichigo was very young. her huge memorial portrait watches over them all.

B - The Arisawa Family Several minutes walk away from the Kurosaki residence is the house of Ichigo's childhood friend Tatsuki. They have played together since they were small, in part because they live so close to one another.

C - Fuurin Community Centre Tatsuki has attended the local karate dojo from a very young age. This is where the runner-up to the national high school karate championships was born.

D - The Inoue Family Orhiime live with her older brother, Sora, because some problems at home meant they could no longer live with there parents. After Sora's death, Orihime was left to live on her own. She spent a long time mourning him, but spite of that she still lives alone in the apartment. Her best friend, Tatsuki, Often comes to stay overnight.

E - Matsukura Hospital Ruins The charismatic spirit medium and television presenter, Don Kanonji, Recently filmed an episode of his new show,"Mission Ghostbusting on Hallowed Ground!"On location at the ruins of an abandoned and presumably haunted hospital in Karakura.

The Towns Spiritual Station has New and High-Quality Items. With his trademark wooden sandals and hat that shades his eyes, Urahara is the owner of this general store. Due to his relaxed Attitude, The shop has variable business hours. However, in spite of this inconvience, the items they stock ensure that they still have many customers.

F - These Rare and Amazing Items will Astonish you! Urahara Shouten. To the west of the town, on it's outskirts, is the town's general store. They stock household goods and stationery, a mouthwatering selection of sweets and candy, And an extensive stock of various other Commodities. Furthermore, as successful as this business is in it's own right, it also supplies spirits tools from soul society to Rukia and other shinigami who often come to the real world. Rukia, however often gets additional discounts to the already cheap prices, as she became such a regular customer.

G - Karakura High School The local high school that Ichigo and his friends attend. In this peaceful suburban high school, why do so many of the students have a mysterious energy about them? Perhaps it's the influence of the karate club...

H - Onose River Every summer there is always a larger turnout for the annual fireworks festival. Tatsuki an Orihime come here every autumn too, to see the beautiful autumnal flowers and trees.

H - Himawari Haberfashery Karakura Handicraft shop. Ishida's favourite 24-hour western sewing shop. This craft and sewing shop fulfils even the highest expectations of even teh most dedicated tailor or seamstress.

J - Karakura General Hospital Located just before Karakura Honchou Station is the general hospital. This convient facility has to be ready to cater for residents both inside and outside of Karakura Town. Ishida's father, Ryuken is the director of this larger hospital.