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.Kisuke Urahara always wears traditional Japanese wooden sandles and a bucket hat, which has earned him the nickname "sandal-hat" (ゲタ帽子, geta-bōshi, "Mr. Hat-and-Clogs" in the English version). He is generally a laid-back, jovial fellow, although he can be dead serious when the situation warrants it. Despite his carefree attitude, his speech is always polite, though it is sometimes sarcastic. Kisuke Urahara was once a former captain of the 12th Division of the Gotei 13. He is also the founder and the first president of the Shinigami Research Institute. He is the owner of the Urahara shop.

Eyepatch- Zaraki Kenpachi's. Invented by the Intitute of Technological Research to suck out spiritual energy.

Gigai - An artificial body which physical ability is equal to a normal human, and it is to be used in emergency situations. A weakened Shinigami enters in to wait for his powers to recover.

Gikongan - Artifical spirit pill that forcibly pulls the user's spirit from the body. Normally is used on souls that have dies but refuses to let go of their bodies.

Hollow-bait - Once it is crushed, it will take effect and lure the hollows out.

Kenseikan - Hair-piece accessory that one wears to prove that he is from a noble family.

Memory Chikan - It erases the target's memory and replace it with a new random memory.

Reisyukaku - Spirit core that resembles like a crystal ball. By providing spiritual energy to the core, the user can create
a strong cannonball.

Safety Charm - Originally belongs to Ichigo's late mother that is said to bring fortune and good luck.
Sanrei Glove - Glove with a powerful ward that deflects spiritual energy.

Sekkiseki - Mineral that can block spiritual energy and spiritual pressure.

Shinten - A tranquilizer to put someone with low spiritual pressure unconscious. Gaten and Houten are the stronger version of it.

Souma-fixers - Something that helps the user to synchronize to their Gigai. But if used too much, it will be painful to leave the Gigai as the synchronization level is high.

- A rare artifact of the special operation division that can forcefully materialize the soul of the Zanpakutou.

Tentouken - Sky flyer. A unique artifact in the Soul Society. The user will be able to fly using it by putting some spiritual energy in it. 

Bird Wistle - This is a wistle that Isshen uses to gather his family when they are seperated or far off. It seems to be very loud and annoying.

Cellphone - This soul society cellular telephone is used to recieve messages on when and where a hollow will attack. This item is mostly used by shinigami, but has been used for other purposes as well. (vol 1 ch 6)

Chain of fate - this is a chain that is connected to everyones "soul body" and once it is broken that means the person is dead, but until then - they can still be saved. (vol 1 ch 6)

Energy Pill - This is a type of medice that will re-energize you if you take it. It was used by the 4th Division Members.

Hojikuzai - This will regrow a bodypart that has been lost in battle.